Helicopter Bed at Dragons of Walton Street

Helicopter Bed at Dragons of Walton StreetI should do a round-up of OTT beds, as I’ve spotted a number. This Helicopter Bed at Dragons of Walton Street would definitely feature.

The detail on this one is amazing. It really does look like a helicopter has somehow managed to swoop in through a window and land in the middle of the room. It’s that authentic.

Well, it is apart from the middle part containing the bed. That’s the giveaway here.

A lot of work goes into each Helicopter Bed too. Each one is handcrafted in fibreglass (so no two are identical) and each is packed with the kind of detail you wouldn’t expect to find in your average kid’s bed.

So you are looking at a personalised dashboard with a joystick, speed dial, clock, radio with adjoining speaker and walkie talkies as well as two USB ports to plug in an iPad or tablet.

It’s also equipped with blue and white exterior lighting, including s flashing tail light and a wide selection of gadgets, like switches and buttons, located on the top deck by the desk.

That fibreglass finish is something too, with glass-smooth curves and a highly polished finish.

How much? Well, let’s presume it isn’t cheap. That’s because this is a ‘price on application’, which is likely to be down to all the personalisation options too. In short, check the bank balance first.

Find out more at the Dragons of Walton Street website