H&M brings back classic Ramones t-shirt returns in red

H&M brings back classic Ramones t-shirt returns in redThere was a version on a dark red, but now there is classic Ramones t-shirt in a bright red at H&M.

When it comes to band t-shirts, The Ramones t-shirt seems to have taken on a life of its own. The logo dated back to the mid-1970s, but has maintained something of a ‘hip’ quality (rather like the punk band) for decades since. In fact, I would say its start has never been brighter.

Talking of bright brings us to this Ramones top. This is another take on the the timeless design, with the artwork pretty much unchanged (you really wouldn’t change it) but the finish a departure from the typical black and white.

In this case. the t-shirt is in a bold red with an even bolder silver finish for the lettering. Sizes go from age 1 through to 10 and the price an affordable £7.99, as you would expect from H&M.

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